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Zambia. Africa at its wildest and best. 2 - Packing list

Autore: Andrew Saint Pierre White
Tratto da: YouTube - 4Xoverland

The vehicle preparation continues with fitting a aluminium canopy. Why aluminium and how strong are they really? A roof rack built by Ezi-Awn is fitted, followed by one of their roof tents. Finally, Andrew’s favourite tyres go on, but this is a new model. Some advice follows about fitting tyres in a bush environment. The trip begins with Andrew and Kate on the road in Botswana.

In 2015 I took a trip in a stock Isuzu D-Max into Zambia, travelling with my daughter Kate. The trip was a huge success, and proved that to have an amazing time in the wilderness, one doesn't need every bit of kit that the sales persons may suggest are essential. Keeping it light and simple worked, and the experience, magical.