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In search of the source of the Okavango #22

Autore: Andrew Saint Pierre White
Tratto da: YouTube - 4Xoverland

Living the Overlander’s Dream. Delta Camp, Okavango

From the water-soaked tracks of the eastern Okavango, we head to Maun, the town that supports the tourist attractions of the Okavango. It's here that I am joined by my wife, Gwynn. From Maun airport we take a light aircraft to our old home in the swamps. In 1991-92 Gwynn and I ran the luxury tourist lodge called Delta Camp, on which our bestselling travel memoir, called Torn Trousers, is based. From Delta Camp we demonstrate why the Okavango is the remarkable place it is, as well as reminisce about our year spent there, recalling some of the events and highlights.


"This is some of the best adventure travel TV I've ever made, and remains the best major expedition I have yet undertaken." Andrew S White.
An epic 4x4 overland expedition where Andrew St Pierre White goes on a quest to find the source of the Okavango River. This river, as it turns out, is also the source of his love of overland travel and expedition life.

This series of videos is a nostalgic look at what made an English boy fall in love with Africa. Andrew retraces his steps recalling the time when having been taken to the Okavango. This 66-day expedition is a solo trip through Namibia, Angola and Botswana. Andrew is one of a very small group of TV adventures that is not backed up by a team of TV crew and their supporting entourage. Andrew truly goes it alone.

In the upcoming programs, Andrew reaches the Kunene, the river dividing Namibia with Angola to its north, he meets a group of travellers waiting to take him into Angola. His quest is to find the source of the Okavango, deep in the highlands. He then carries with his a bottle of water from its source, all the way, deep into the Okavango Delta. In the final episode, in the final trickle in a riverbed, he then watches as his water disappears into the desert, deep in the Kalahari. An epic tale of overland adventure.