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Botswana-Namibia #5

Autore: Andrew Saint Pierre White
Tratto da: YouTube - 4Xoverland

An incredible night to remember in Africa. We wake from our low-impact camp on the sand plains of the Hartmann Valley, in far northwest Namibia. And amazing morning watching this sun rise from our bedrolls laid out on the desert floor. The episode concludes with us heading south once more, traversing the Hartmann Valley. In this video Andrew also explains the Southern Cross constellation and how navigators have used it for centuries for navigation.

Part-5 of our expedition through Namibia to discover how easy it is to rent a 4×4 and have an amazing self-drive expedition of your own We were driving a Toyota Land Cruiser dual-cab 4,2L 6-cyl diesel with standard suspension. The vehicle was on loan from Safari Drive.